Huseyn Suhrawardy , Nehru and Historians

Problem with Indian historians is most of their assumptions are based on political situation in country and not on solid research. Unfortunately institutes like JNU are producing historians whose writings are more like emotional Bollywood stories rather than facts based on solid research.

Role of Huseyn Suhrawardy in politics of Bengal is one such example. For some historians he is murderer of hundreds of Hindus for others he is epitome of secularism.  No one wants to do objective analysis of his role.

Huseyn Suhrawardy became prime minister of Bengal in in 1946, as prime minister of a large Indian state he was responsible for safety and security of all citizens of the province. His belonged to political party called Muslim League led by Jinnah. Did he do his role well? Answer is no. Even if we assume that he was not communal, one thing definitely comes out is his incompetence. As prime minister he should have ensured safety of all citizens on Direct Action Day.

“It was fine, except the food was awful. It helped to reduce the tensions. The Hindus and Muslims of Calcutta came together, even if for just a short period, and the atmosphere began to gradually improve. Eventually, the dawn of freedom arrived August 15, 1947.”

Suhrawardy on his experience of living with Gandhi during Calcutta Riots

His incompetence led death of hundreds of Hindus and equal number of women getting raped in Calcutta and Noakhali. Finally to save his reputation he asked Gandhi to manage the situation. He never understood that his job was to ensure welfare of both Hindus and Muslims, not just Muslims.

“Late Huseyn Suhrawardy was the man who fought his way to bring Bengal on the map of Pakistan; to achieve this objective he got a resolution passed by the Legislators’ Convention. As Chief Minister of United Bengal, he supported and served Muslims during the riots to such a degree that Hindus in Bengal would never put his role out of their minds. Not only this, but for the whole duration of Pakistan Movement, he had been the Secretary-General of Muslim League Bengal and an active member of the Party.”

-Pir Ali Muhammad Rashdi, Pakistani Politician and Writer

Next Suhrawardy came up with another hare brained scheme of declaring whole province of Bengal as independent nation. He wanted Congress leaders to also to join in this scheme. Scheme got blessings of Jinnah and in initial phase also from Gandhi. Some leaders like Sharat Chandra Bose too joined this scheme. Though many historians have praised this scheme, Nehru was sensible enough to see through this scheme and Congress shot down the idea. The kind of treatment leaders like Jogendranath Mandal got in Pakistan proves that Nehru was right in rejecting the idea. United Bengal under incompetent Suhrawardy would have been a disaster.

In 1947, India got partitioned and Suhrawardy became key team member of new nation of Pakistan.

He later even became prime minister of Pakistan. But soon Pakistani leadership too got fed up with him. He was forced to leave Pakistan and finally died of cardiac arrest in Beirut.


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