Get ready for gig economy

Except for government jobs, there are very few “permanent” jobs in today’s world. When prime minister Modi told youths to fry paokdas and earn money, there were lot of protests… everyone wanted secure government jobs.

Job seekers should get ready for gig economy… there will be lots of jobs, but they will be short contract jobs. You will have keep yourself updated to take advantage of gig economy. The plus side of gig economy is you can keep working well beyond your age of official retirement.

“This is something that any employer can—and should—do. People do better work when they have time to relax, sleep, and refresh. Burning people out just drives them away and produces worse work output in any event.”

-Jeffery Pfeffer

Not that government jobs are ideal ,ask any banker or policeman, he/she will talk about high stress levels, work pressure and long hours of work. Stanford business school professor Jeffrey Pfeffer presented a devastating case for the negative effects of U.S. workplaces on our health in his book Dying for Paycheck. Health of employees is suffering because of long hours of work , high stress levels and fear of layoffs.

“When Dean Baker, the head of HR for Patagonia, the clothing company, worked for Sears, he received an e-mail about work late afternoon on Christmas eve. When he replied the next morning, the response he got was, “what took you so long?””

-Jeffery Pfeffer

Given such situation, gig economy may not be that bad.



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