Trisha Gupta and falling standards of liberal leftists

I was reading article by self styled liberal leftist Trisha Gupta in Mumbai Mirror. Trisha claims to be a film critic and wrote article connecting liberalism with poetry of Sahir Ludhianvi in film ” Phir Subah Hogi”. Given below is paragraph from her article.

His journey from park bench to pavement is accompanied by a sardonic take on a nation that boasts of inroads into China and the Arab world while its educated youth – and its labourers – are homeless: “Chino-Arab hamara, Hindustan hamara/Rehne ko ghar nahi hai, saara jahan hamara.”

Trisha cannot even translate work of Sahir, her lack of knowledge Urdu is glaring. It is disappointing to see that today’s leftists are just interested in writing articles in newspapers, far cry from Progressive Writers Movement that produced poets like Sahir and Kaifi Azmi.

Chino Arab hamara, popularly known as Tarana e milli was written by Allama Iqbal, who believed in pan Islamism and wanted to bring back golden age of Islam.

The tarana talks about spread of Islam from Arab world to Central Asia ( Chin) and India, it does not mean India made inroads into China and Arab world!


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