Ying Mingshan, Labour Camps and Anchee Min

“My time in jail only strengthened my resolve to succeed”

-Yin Mingshan

During days of Mao Zedong, many Chinese who were suspected of having “rightist views” were either executed or were sent to labour camps for reformation (having rightist views was equivalent to having a horrible  disease or committing heinous crime)

One such person who landed up in labour camp was young 20 years old student Yin Mingshan. It was alleged that he had capitalist views, which was never verified. Yin landed up in jail and then labour camp without even knowing what his crime was. Labour camp was meant for “correcting his views”. After 20 years in labour camp he was released, because communist party of China realised that they had made mistake, however there was no formal apology or compensation.

At 40 years of age and with his labour camp background, Yin found it difficult to get employment. He started earning by selling books, then he shifted to selling of bike spare parts. Later he started manufacturing bikes and cars under the brand Lifan. Today Lifan Group has turnover in billions and Yin is a billionaire.

“It’s difficult to negotiate with Indian companies…The talks proceed at such a slow pace and your country is still not as open as ours to foreign investment…Your (India’s) roads are slow, your negotiations are slow, everything is slow except for your dances.”

Yin Mingshan in The Hindu

Yin also tried to start business in India. But he did not find Indian environment favourable for business. It was communist party that threw him in jail, but today he is great supporter of communist party and his greatest inspiration is Mao Zedong.

“I’m thrilled that I raised a kid who went to Stanford and this is the miracle that would never happen in China.”

-Anchee Min in The Telegraph

Another person who too landed up in labour camp at age of 17 years was lady called Anchee Min. After spending time in labour camp, she took “leap of faith” and landed up in US. Initially she had difficult time in US, but she overcame difficulties and today is a famous author and is proud of fact that her daughter is Stanford graduate.





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