Seth Godin, Procrastination and Annie Kenney

“Tell your lizard ( brain) to shut up”

-Seth Godin


Seth Godin is an American author who has written a book What To Do When It’s Your Turn (and it’s always your turn). On cover page is photograph of lady called Annie Kenney.



Annie Kenney started working in cotton mill at the age of 10, she worked in that mill for many years. Due to lack of safety standards in factory, she lost one finger during accident. She was impressed by women suffragette movement and become part of it. She was a militant leader. When her turn came she did not hesitate to attack politicians. Because of efforts of leaders like her, women in Britain got right to vote.


Seth Godin in his books always talks about getting rid of procrastination, challenging your limitations and come with innovative ideas.

Godin feels that due to procrastination, you are late in acting and thereby you eliminate options. There is no room for choice.

Watch - later, not yet, too late, Nah not yet.

One of the reasons for procrastination is what he calls as “Lizard Brain”. Part of primitive brain deals with fears, when faced with challenging situations it either asks us to fight or run away. In our work life this lizard brain prevents us from facing challenging situations by procrastinating. Procrastination is response of lizard brain to fear of doing something challenging. The response could be in form of naps, coffee breaks, and keep postponing things etc.



The lizard brain is the reason you’re afraid, the reason you don’t do all the art you can, the reason you don’t ship when you can. The lizard brain is the source of the resistance.”

― Seth Godin

To get rid of lizard brain it is important to just start doing things and not to wait for ideal day, time or hour. While doing you can fail and learn. We refuse to change because we have fear of looking stupid. Fear stops change. We hesitate to start, hold back, do more research and wait for something better.

Lizard brain gives us excuses for not acting. In words of Godin- just ship your art (i.e. execute your unique ideas)


During change there will be a dip i.e. things will go down before they go up again, it is during this dip that you need to keep your lizard brain under control and learn as much as possible when things are low. This learning will make you successful when things go up again.


Like Annie Kenney when it is your turn to act, don’t pass the turn. Like her you should act.

By not acting we not only limit our capabilities, but short change those who depend on us or might benefit from us.



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