Leftist intellectuals, Nehru and Jinnah

Partition of India resulted in migration of population. Hindus and Sikhs moved to India while Muslims went to Pakistan.

Due to combined incompetence of British administration, Congress and League leaders, migration resulted in loss of property, rape of women, killing on mass scale. India was flooded with refugees from Punjab and Sindh provinces of West Pakistan.


While Congress had some experience of administration, League had none.

In election of 1946 League had done exceptionally well. Failure of League in 1937 elections was forgotten, Jinnah’s friend Churchill was in favour of Pakistan, Pakistan was becoming a reality and at the same time Jinnah got offer from Gandhi to become prime minister of India(This highly displeased Nehru and Patel, forcing Gandhi to withdraw offer). To cut long story short, between 1946 to 1947, both Nehru and Jinnah were offered positions which they were either not ready or capable of.

Creation of Pakistan is result of developments between Quit India Movement to partition of India. It was during this period that League benefited from leadership of Jinnah. Credit of converting prevailing circumstances into formation of Pakistan goes to him.


Initial days were tough for refugees. But gradually they managed to mingle with the society.

Post independence Nehru wanted India to be a socialist and secular republic, while Jinnah wanted Pakistan to be an Islamic state that will be fair to minority.

Some refugees were smart enough to see future trends. Partition has wiped out their past in Pakistan, now was chance to create a new future.

We will study two such personalities.

Thapars were refugees from Lahore, the Thapar siblings – Romesh and Romilla, were smart enough to see that it made sense to be labelled as nationalist and leftist (both terms were dear to Nehru). They started newspaper which glorified Nehru, Romilla managed to become historian, without knowledge of any of ancient Indian languages like Sanskrit, Tamil or Prakrit, she managed to gain label of eminent historian. Romesh was leftist intellectual.


Romilla also invented a story that at age of 15-16 she met Gandhi and after that started wearing Khadi, hence become nationalist. So she was nationalist ( she once wore a khadi dress) and leftist responsible for creating history which showed that leftist contributed to independence of Indian , while in reality leftist supported British and Pakistan).

History writing also resulted in dividing national leaders as leftists and rightists. Some like Tilak, Lajpat Rai, Sardar Patel become rightist, while Nehru, Bose become leftist. Even revolutionaries were branded as rightists (ex. Khudiram Bose became rightist because he believed in Gita, while Bhagat Singh was leftist).

Once division of national leaders was made, so called leftist leaders were shown as superior to so called rightist. To make this version official a University was formed- Jawaharlal Nehru University, in which all leftist historians got secure government jobs.  Once they had grabbed secure jobs, they started writing “official version” of history which was Nehru’s version of history.


Second personality was Kuldeep Nayar, Kuldeep came from Sialkot, on reaching India, he declared himself to be a secular leftist intellectual. He also invented a story that he was beaten up by police for wearing Gandhi cap- hence nationalist and he was also member of some students union in college, hence leftist and sometimes he ate mutton curry in canteen meant for Muslim students-hence secular. Soon he becomes well known as journalist with secular and leftist views.

So Nehru dynasty managed to create an ecosystem, where they had army of historians, journalists and historians, which wrote their version of history. Since Congress ruled India for decades, their existence was never threatened.

Creation of Pakistan was equated with history of communalism- formation of League, Hindu Mahasabha and RSS. Instead of linking formation of Pakistan to events of last 3-4 years before partition and acknowledging the role of leadership provided by Jinnah, it pushed back history of partition to 1906. All so called rightist leaders were blamed for communalism. No explanation was given for why communists joined Muslim League and demanded Pakistan.

Pakistani historians did even better; they liked formation of Pakistan to invasion of India by Muhammad bin Qasim in 711 A D!


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