Murder in Chennai and Bystander Effect

Few days ago a lady was murdered in Chennai while she was waiting to catch a train. The murderer killed in full public view. No one tried to save the girl or stop the culprit. After the murder ran away, it was business as usual.

Post murder there was outrage, social media got active, and everyone blamed everyone except himself or herself.

bystander 2

Social psychology has interesting explanation for this, it is called Bystander Effect. A crowd usually does not help victim because, individually each one feels that it is job of other person to help the victim, as a result no one helps the victim.


Police did a brilliant job of catching the murderer, but some things are really disturbing. It was not a hit and run case. The murderer had been stalking victim for more than 3 months. The family of victim should have least registered case in police station. But the victim was a “virtuous” Brahmin girl, so never complained, something to do with infamous Indian tradition of “ social stigma”.

Opposition party blamed ruling party, public blamed police, and victim’s elder sister blamed public. Blame game is on…



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