Raghoji Bhosle, Nagpur and Alivardi Khan

Chhele ghumalo, paada judaalo bargi elo deshe

Bulbulite dhaan kheyechhe, khaajnaa debo kishe?

Dhaan phurolo, paan phurolo, khaajnaar opay ki?

Aar kotaa din shobur koro, roshoon boonechhi

-A Bengali lullaby

 Bengali historians (mostly leftists from JNU) have always tried to undermine role of Marathas in history of India. Marathas are portrayed as bunch of opportunists who don’t miss any opportunity to loot prosperous regions like Gujarat and Bengal esp. Marathas from Nagpur are shown as bunch of thugs who looted the great land of Alivardi Khan.


Let us get the facts right. Alivardi Khan was an Arab opportunist who usurped throne of his master and became Nawab of Bengal.


During same period Raghoji Bhosle took advantage of infighting in Gond Kingdom of Nagpur. Nagpur was founded by Gond King Bakht Bulund Shah. Raghoji Bhosle was keen to acquire Nagpur. He captured kingdom from Gonds and Nagpur became part of Maratha Empire. Nagpur became capital of Bhosle Kingdom.

So Alivardi Khan got Bengal and Raghoji Bhosle got Nagpur at same time. Raghoji Bhosle was ambitious; his next target was East India consisting of Bengal, Bihar and Orrisa. He attacked Bengal, but was not interested in ruling that area. He allowed Alivardi to rule Bengal, but Alivardi had to pay in tribute in return. Alivardi tried many tricks to defeat Nagpurians, which included killing their noble Bhaskar Pandit by treachery. But he was no match to Nagpurians. Finally he brought peace by paying tribute and ceding province of Orissa.


Instead of admitting superiority of Nagpurians in military expeditions, Bengali historians tried to defame Nagpurians by calling them rapist and thugs. Shivaji Maharaj was known for his high standard of morality, so claim of Nagpurians raping thousands of Bengali women is disgusting attempt by leftist historians to deny Nagpurians their place in history. Secondly making Bengalis pay tribute was evidence of military superiority of Nagpurians, it cannot be called as loot.


Fact is Bengalis were so afraid of Nagpurians that even their lullaby refers to Nagpurians (in beginning of article).



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