Nassim Taleb, Ugly Indian and Girl Child

Nassim Taleb is an American statistician, who wrote a book called “Fooled by Randomness”. Taleb feels that humans underestimate randomness. They try to explain a random outcomes as not random i.e. find explanation for random event, when none exists.

He gives an example of elephant shaped clouds. People tend to see elephants in clouds when in fact it is just a random formation of clouds.

One class of ugly Indians is evil mothers in law. They marry their sons for two purposes- produce grandson (no granddaughter please! if discovered in womb, just kill her) and to extract as much as they can from the bride in from of dowry, gifts etc.



If bride fails in any one of them (or both) then punishment can be severe, ranging from domestic violence to death.

“People say in old age sons come in handy. Had that been true, so many old age homes would not have opened. Sons have cars and bungalows and yet, many times, parents remain in old age homes. On the other hand, there are innumerable daughters who work hard to keep their parents happy. If girls get the chance, they perform better than boys.”

-Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of India


Birth of girl child is a random event, but ugly Indians don’t think so. They have their own theory of genetics, which will confuse even Gregor Mendel.

According to them birth of girl child has nothing to do with chance, it has it do with genetics and anatomy. One explanation is if bride comes from family where cases of birth of girl child are more then, bride is most likely to produce a girl child- so in case of girl child blame bride. There is an unwritten contract wherein birth of girl child is sole responsibility of wife, husband will be held innocent, but if opposite happens then husband takes the credit.



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