Workforce Diversity and Little People

What is common between Bill Barty of USA and Jyoti Amge from Nagpur, India? Both are American Television actors. They have one more thing in common – they are little people.

Little people refers to those category of people whose height is 4’ 10” or less. Earlier they were called midgets or dwarfs. While midgets have normal bodily proportions, dwarfism is mainly due to genetic disorders. USa

Bill Barty started association called “Midgets of America” to bring such people together; which was later changed to “Midgets and Dwarfs of America”. Soon words midget and dwarf were considered offensive and a common term “little people” was used. So association become Little People of America. Now such associations exist in various other countries like little people of Uganda, little people of Hong Kong, little people of Ireland etc.


Little people are not on radar of any organisation’s diversity program. Usually diversity program of organisation is confined to women, gays and lesbians and minorities (racial, religious etc.). It becomes difficult for little people to find jobs in organisations.


Only industry that provides employment to them is entertainment industry – film, TV and circus. While little people associations all over world help them to gain jobs in areas where height is not a handicap, organisations should actively work on recruitment of little people as part of their diversity program.




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