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My book on Game Theory, “Win Before You Fight” has been released. It is available globally on Amazon.

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Ayaz Amir, Pakistan and Escapism of Mungarilal

“If we master our internal weaknesses, expand the sphere of enlightenment and tolerance, there is nothing that we have to fear from any other quarter.”

-Ayaz Amir, Modi’s India…Pakistan’s opportunity

When I was young I enjoyed a TV serial called “Mungerilal ke haseen sapne” (Fantasies of Mungerilal). Mungerilal was clerk in some office, troubled by nasty boss, nagging wife and loud mouth father in law. To escape harsh reality he indulged in escapism, in his fantasies he was sort of a superman who took revenge on people who troubled him in real life.

Escapism is defined as an inclination to or habit of retreating from unpleasant or unacceptable reality, as through diversion or fantasy.


Escapism is not confined to those in belonging to lower class; even those belonging to elite class indulge in it. Famous example is that of Ludwig II of Bavaria. He withdrew himself from state of affairs and indulged in world of arts and architecture. He was declared insane and removed from throne. Contemporary historians feel that he was not insane, but suffered from escapism which made him an irresponsible monarch.

“The King was not mad; he was just an eccentric living in a world of dreams. They might have treated him more gently, and thus perhaps spared him so terrible an end.”

Ayaz Amir is Pakistani columnist and politician. As a liberal thinker, Ayaz has always been critical of military rule and influence of religion in Pakistan. Pakistan of his fantasy is a liberal, vibrant democracy, where people have freedom to elect government of their choice and freedom of expression.

ayaz 2

Ayaz feels that under Narendra Modi India will shift from secular democratic state to theocratic military state like Pakistan. While Pakistan will soon be like US, a liberal democracy and military superpower, land where intellectuals and innovators will yearn to migrate.

“Narendra Modi is the best thing that could have happened to Pakistan. He is making India look like General Zia’s Pakistan. Can there be a bigger favour to Pakistan than that?”

-Ayaz Amir, Modi’s India…Pakistan’s opportunity

Many Pakistanis like Ayaz use escapism to forget the harsh reality of military rule, fragile democracy, fundamentalism, terrorism, corruption and poverty. Some rush to India to get their books published, hold concerts, work in films or avail of medical facilities.

India too faces problems that faced by Pakistan like unemployment, corruption, poverty, riots and casteism, but what gives India an edge is its vibrant democracy and mature voters. Maturity gained through series of elections held over years.


Regular elections in India are normal, emergency was an aberration. Few unfortunate instances of fundamentalism will not alter the situation.

It is impossible for Pakistan to free itself from vice like grip of military and fundamentalism. Pakistanis today are no longer allergic to military rule and have already declared itself as an Islamic state. But as an optimist, I really want Ayaz’s fantasies to convert into reality.