Office Politics And Being Political Savvy

‘Face reality as it is, not as it was or as you wish it to be.’

– Jack Welch

Office politics is much discussed topic in organisation, people hate it ( atleast no one openly supports it) , but no organisation is free from it. It is something no one can avoid. Employees should learn how to deal with it.


Korn Ferry has come up with an interesting competency called Political Savvy. Political Savvy measures a person on …

  • How he navigates smoothly through political waters and deals with it patiently, anticipates where land mines are and plans accordingly.
  • How he deals with “not –invented-here” and territory protection.
  • How good he is in persuading upper management to his point of view.
  • How he communicates- is he too direct and does not consider it impact on others? or is he sensitive to how  people and organization functions.
  • How he projects consequences of his actions.
  • How he deals with politics- does he try to remain apolitical and keep himself away from politics? or accepts that politics is part of organisational life.

Office Politics Superstore.

A person who rates high on this competency not only survives in organisation but also climbs career ladder faster.


One thought on “Office Politics And Being Political Savvy

  1. While I agree with omnipresence of politics, it also true that the degree matters. Leadership has the responsibility to influence the politics in a manner that politics remains a fringe activity and does not impact mainstream actions. Frankly, that’s what would differentiate a competitive and sustainable organization from others where politics and power influence major organizational decisions.


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