Dark Triad and Indrani Mukherjee

“Dark Personality Traits Can Help People Rise Through Ranks”

-Sue Shellenbarger in WSJ

Psychologist Delroy Paulhus proposed a term called Dark Triad. Dark triad is collection of three personality traits – Narcissism, Machiavellianism and Psychopathy. People having such traits (single or combination) are not viewed positively by society, hence dark traits.

Narcissism is excessive love for self and lack of empathy for others, Machiavellianism is about manipulating others for selfish interest while Psychopathy is about lack of remorse for immoral behaviour.

Many criminals have combination of these three traits. Even successful executives exhibit these traits, but in milder form than criminals. Some executives owe their success to dark triad- Narcissism (egoistic, boasting), Machiavellianism (manipulating others to succeed) and Psychopathy (no remorse for problems created for others due to manipulation).


Ex CEO of INX Media Indrani Mukherjee is example of how someone with dark triad can succeed. Indrani started her career with placement agency called INX (Indrani with X factor) and after marriage with ex CEO of Star TV Peter Mukherjee became CEO of media company INX media. Indrani was never shy of publicity.

World was not aware of her dark traits till anonymous caller tipped Mumbai police about murder of her sister Sheena Bora. Soon Indrani Mukherjee, her driver and her ex-husband were arrested and world came to know about her dark traits.

During investigation it was found that Sheena was her daughter from first husband (from whom she also has one son) whom she introduced to world as her sister, she also has one daughter from second husband (Peter is third husband, Peter was not aware of first husband).  Indrani claims that she killed Sheena because Sheena was blackmailing her (threated her to tell Peter about their actual relationship and first husband). Sheena was in love with Peter’s son Rahul ( from his earlier wife), Indrani was against this relationship as that would expose her past. Indrani manipulated her second husband in believing that Sheena could kill their daughter to acquire property. So second husband became part of plan to kill Sheena, she also included driver in the plan.


Post murder, Indrani kept Sheena “alive” by send messages from her phone, loading photographs on her facebook and telling everyone that Sheena had settled in US.

During investigation Indrani did not show any remorse for her actions.




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