Tragedy of commons and Namami Gange

In economics there is interesting concept called tragedy of commons. Any common resource like common grassland, rivers, lakes, oceans, forests etc. if utilised optimally benefits society. For this society needs to be responsible and cooperative, they should have discipline amongst themselves to see that resource is not over exploited.

Old Growth Forests on Short Supply

But if discipline is lacking, then every member becomes selfish and keeps exploiting resource to maximum with no concern for the society as a whole. Soon the resource is over exploited and results into an environmental disaster. The result is resource is lost for ever.

River Ganga is lifeline for millions of Indians. But building of dams, throwing garbage, releasing industrial and organic pollutants is slowing making it one of the most polluted rivers of the world. At this rate Ganga will be a “dead river”.

It is irony that millions who worship river as goddess, don’t hesitate to pollute it.

Recently prime minister has launched plan to clean river called Namami Gange. A minister has been appointed to execute the plan and Rs.20, 000 crores have been allocated to clean the river.


Even before Namami Gange crores have been spent on cleaning Ganga, but all failed.

If only people had disciple to keep river clean, the crores of rupees spent on cleaning would been used for education and health of children.






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