Game Theory, Game of Chicken and Traffic Rules

In game of chicken, two cars are coming in opposite direction on a very narrow road. One car can pass only if driver of other car swerves, if one who swerves faces humiliation of being called “Chicken”, so both drivers will not swerve and will keep driving straight expecting that other driver will swerve. This often results in accidents.


To prevent this France has a rule called as La priorite a droite (priority to right). France has rule of right hand traffic, so if two cars are coming from opposite direction at intersection, then onus is on the car on the left to slow down and allow car coming from right to pass. In event of accident, the car from left is blamed.


I doubt if similar laws will work in India. Since we have left hand traffic in India and if similar rule were to be implemented it will be – priority to left. Indians are known for breaking traffic rules, so chances of such rule being followed are nil.





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