Do you have a Lame Duck Boss?

In game theory a lame duck is a player who remains in the game but has no chance of winning.

This usually happens when CXOs ,Presidents, Managers etc. are getting towards the end of their term and everyone knows it. This is called as lame duck effect.

The lame duck effect at the end of somebody’s term undermines their ability to cooperate, their ability to provide incentives for people to cooperate with them, and causes a problem. Lame duck effect affects top management of companies.

'We usually give you a watch to remind you of your time with us, but decided this would be more appropriate.'

Even ex-prime minister Manmohan Singh suffered from lame duck effect when his tenure ended in 2104.

Manmohan Singh Sonia Gandhi

But it’s not just leaders who run into this problem. It can affect employees too when they approach retirement. As they near retirement, the future does not provide them with any incentives. So retirement can cause lame duck effect.


Watch out for such lame ducks in organisation, esp. be careful if your boss happens to be a lame duck. He will have no incentive to coach, mentor or sponsor you. You may suffer from career stagnation. Try to find new boss ASAP.




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