Multiple Personality Disorder, Chris Sizemore, Kenneth Bianchi and Billy Milligan

“Despite authorities’ claims to the contrary, my former alters were not fragments of my birth personality. They were entities, whole in their own rights, who coexisted with my birth personality before I was born. They were not me, but they remain intrinsically related to what it means to be me.”

-Chris Costner Sizemore, author I am Eve & A Mind of My Own

Chris Sizemore is a woman who was diagnosed with multiple personality disorder (now called as dissociative identity disorder (DID). DID is a mental disorder  characterized by at least two distinct and relatively enduring identities or dissociated personality states that alternately control a person’s behaviour.

Later a film was made on Chris called Three Faces of Eve. Film is about lady called Eve White who is having troubled marriage, after meeting psychiatrist a new personality emerges called Eve Black who is carefree and flirt. Later during therapy one more personality emerged- a mature person called Jane. Finally the psychiatrist managed to fade out Eve White and Black and only Jane remained.

3 faces

Chris wrote books like I am Eve and A Mind of My Own. Chris later claimed that she didn’t have just three but twenty different personalities.

Many psychologist feel that DID does not exist, the person suffering from disorder is just doing role play based on suggestions of psychologist, and he keeps doing role play till he starts believing that role is real.

multiple 1

This theory was tested in case of serial killer Kenneth Bianchi. Bianchi has murdered 12 women. When he was arrested he claimed that murders were committed by his other self called Steve Walker. He managed to convince psychologists that he indeed suffered from DID. But investigators brought their own psychiatrist Matrin Orne. Orne told Bianchi that in case of DID there are atleast three personalities. The trick worked, Bianchi promptly created a third personality called Billy. Later Bianchi admitted that he was trying to trick investigators and DID story was fake and an attempt to save himself.

'I'm trying to get to know my boss better. So far I'm on a first-name basis with three of her 12 personalities.'

“I couldn’t tell you what was going on, but it was like I was talking to different people at different times”        

-Elliot Boxerbaum, Police Investigator, on Milligan

But in case of another criminal Billy Milligan this theory worked, Billy pleaded multiple personality disorder to save himself from imprisonment. He was sent to mental asylum, where psychiatrists diagnosed that Billy has 24 personalities within him!

The Last Thing a Psychiatrist Wants to Hear When Treating a Patient with a Multi-Personality Disorder: ' Thanks, Doc! I feel like a whole new person!'


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