Problem Solving, Expert and Novice

Domain experts are in demand when it comes to trouble shooting. Domain experts gain knowledge through experience gained from working on projects over a period of time. Can there be a case when while solving a problem a domain expert is as effective as novice?

Psychologists conducted experiments to verify this. In one experiment psychologists created two groups – one of chess experts and other of those who were beginners in chess. In first case they were shown chess pieces in positions they were familiar with and then were asked to recreate positions, as expected experts did better than beginners. In second case, the chess pieces were put in position which made no sense, now when it came to recreation of positions experts were as good as and in some cases worse than beginners.


Further research showed that domain expert do well when it comes to resolving problems in area they are familiar with, but in situations that are ambiguous, unfamiliar or entirely new then domain experts are as effective as novice.


So when your organisation faces problems which are new, not just domain experts, but even those who are new to that field can offer innovative solutions. There is a possibility that they may offer solutions which domain experts may not even thought of.



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