HR –Theory and Practice

One reads a lot about HR practices in text books, but in work-life some of them are rarely used. I am talking about two such practices…

Markov Chains and Manpower Planning

How many organisations use Markov Chains for manpower planning? I am yet to meet a HR manager who has used it. In most of the organisations manpower planning is done based on estimates given by departmental heads.

Competency framework and Repertory Grid/Critical Incidents/Behavioural Event Interview

How many organisations identify competencies based on Repertory Grid Technique i.e. identify constructs (or competencies) by contrasting performance of star performers with average performers and then constructing a bi polar scale? How many organisations use data base of critical incidents to come up with competencies? Apart from Hi-pot identification, where else is BEI used? Perhaps during appraisal, but I am yet to meet a person who has used it for defining competencies.

In most of the organisations, competencies are selected from “menu list” provided by consultants and some customisation is done or competencies defined at group level are applied to individual organisations.





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