Multiplier or Diminisher?

Once your recruitment team hires talented employees, you allocate them to respective departments. The boss here can do two things- one he can encourage them and make them deliver 2X or he can do micromanagement and make them deliver ½ X.

So your managers can be talent multipliers or diminishers.

While lot of literature is available on Good/Bad leaders, management expert Liz Wiseman lists qualities of such managers.

Talent multipliers have five qualities-

  • They see abundant talent/genius in others
  • They create intensity that requires best thinking
  • They extend challenges
  • They debate decisions, before implementation
  • They instill ownership and accountability

“Multipliers don’t get a little more from people around them—they get vastly more”

-Liz Wiseman


Diminishers on the other hand…

  • Hoard and underutilize talent
  • Create anxiety and suppress thinking
  • Are know-it-alls who tell people what to do
  • Make decisions in isolation
  • Are micromanagers

micro manager

These Diminishers come at a high cost because they waste the talent and intellect of team members, get less than half of the capability of the people around them, and cut the intelligence and capability of their organizations to half.

-Liz Wiseman

So take stock of your managers to check if they are they delivering 2X or ½ X.




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