Talented Acrophobe and Lack of Self confidence

Acrophobia is a fear of falling from heights. Psychologist Timothy Butler has applied this concept to employee’s career progression.


Career acrophobia is a belief that you are incapable of surviving at the level you have reached. Just like imposter syndrome you feel that you are a fake and have reached this level by mistake.You are much less talented that what other people believe. You feel that your peers are more talented than you.

From Clipboard[1]

The acrophobic personality fears ascending to a high level of success. You feel a sense of inferiority and avoid situations in which you feel you don’t belong. Your basic sense of yourself is of not being good enough, of not deserving your level of success ex. do you feel uncomfortable when you have to meet someone who is from IIT/IM and works for MNC? Does idea of meeting someone with superior educational/work experience/social /economic status result in feeling of inferiority complex in you? Do you unconsciously limit, or sabotage, your own career progress so as never to rise out of your own comfort level?

Success skills[1]

All these are signs of acrophobic personality. This happens when there is mismatch between your talent and your self-confidence. Low self-confidence makes you doubt your talent.


Remedy for this is to improve your self-confidence, once your talent and self-confidence match you will enjoy your journey to top position.



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