Digital natives, Narcissism and HR Managers

I am good enough, I am smart enough, and damn it, people like me.
-Narcissism at workplace ( Hogan)

Psychologists have done lot of research on various generations of employees- Veterans, Baby boomers, Gen X, Gen Y & Gen Z.

Gen Y ( Millennials) and Gen Z ( Digital Natives) significantly differed from earlier generations in terms of knowledge of IT. Connectivity devices, Facebook, writing blog,online transactions etc. are part of their daily life. With it also comes self-promotion. Every activity of theirs is admired by peers on Facebook- measurement unit being number of likes.


HR manager’s esp. if they belong to baby boomers (digital retards)/Gen X (digital immigrants) will find it difficult to manage narcissistic personality of these employees.


But Narcissistic personality is what these generations need. Self-promoting members, if they advance their agenda well, will be seen more knowledgeable and better than others in managing performance and achieving results, hence ideal candidates for promotion.


On the other hand individuals lacking self-promoting skills will be seen more as team players, while team players are liked by managers, they are not considered for promotion.


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