FQ vs. GQ…why Cuckoo Moray should have hired Robert Kiyosaki

Cuckoo Moray was famous dancer and actress of Hindi cinema. Her dances were big hit in 50s and 60s. She was highest paid dancer of that era, it is said that she had 3 cars – one for self, second for her dogs and third for her protégé Helen. She had an affluent lifestyle. Unfortunately in late 60s she got overshadowed by her protégé Helen. Though she had lot of money, she was unable to manage it and soon stopped getting any work. Cancer and poverty killed her. She was penniless when she died and no one from film industry attended her funeral.


Unfortunately Cuckoo Moray is not the only one in film industry with richs to rags story. Others like Bharat Bhushan, Bhagwan, Vimi, Parveen Babi, and Raj Kiran too suffered same fate.

Perhaps high glamour quotient makes them blind to financial prudence, this combined with lack of financial literacy makes them easy target for fraudsters (who happen to be their close friends or relatives). They start losing money in producing films, gambling, alcohol addiction etc.

In glamour quotient versus financial quotient struggle, glamour quotient wins, resulting in poverty.
Of course, there are examples of film stars who have both- high FQ and high GQ, but then not every film star is Amitabh Bachchan.


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