Philately -collecting stamps… not postal but psychological

Dr. Muriel James wrote a book called “Born to Win”. In this book she introduced concept of collecting stamps. These stamps are different from postal stamps.


Stamps here are feelings, which have become old (archaic feelings), and which a person keeps collecting and one day uses this collection to encash it for a psychological prize ex. A person may have hostile/angry feelings towards subordinate, instead of resolving the issue,then and there, he will keep adding such feelings (collecting stamps) over a period of time and then one day will explode in anger and fire subordinate (encash for psychological prize).

Dr. James talks about different types of stamps.

Gray/Brown stamps- Here person keeps collecting feelings of inadequacy. He feels that he is stupid and expect other people to share his belief!

Blue Stamps- Here a person keeps collecting feeling of depression. Dr. James gives interesting example of a woman who found that her day was very bright and lively, so she decided to call her mother in law and collected few blue stamps for the day!


Red Stamps- Here a person keeps collecting angry and hostile feelings. Many keep collecting red stamps and one day explode in anger.

red bull

Then there are gold stamps, where a person keeps collecting feeling of self-appreciation. These stamps help a person to tide over negative feelings.


Dr. James feels that person should strive to gain inner strength, so that he no longer feels need to collect stamps, not even gold stamps.


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