Baby boomers, are you willing to get rid of comfort blanket?


I love this cartoon by Schulz. What does the comfort blanket of baby boomer consist of?

1. Job security- Keep my job safe and pay me assured amount every month.

2. Retirement benefits- P.F, Superannuation, Gratuity and Leave encashment.

Opening of economy, competition, inflation have made job security and retirement benefits redundant.

The sequence of education—> job—> retirement/leisure of baby boomer is gone. All three i.e. education, job and leisure go together. You keep learning throughout your life (your degree now has expiry date, you need to keep renewing yourself), retire/take break whenever you feel like, and finally…

Keep working even after so call retirement age of 58! After all, inflation is continuously eroding worth of your retirels.


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