Isn’t HR Strategic?


If function that hires manpower, trains them, appraises them, designs succession and career plan for them isn’t strategic then which is?

That way which function is strategic except strategy function itself.

Sales is focused on order booking and billing. Production is concerned about keeping assembly line moving. Finance is concerned about raising money and cutting cost. Customer support becomes active only if there is complain. If these activities are strategic then HR too is strategic.

Most of the time focus in on meeting quarterly or yearly targets, and  has nothing to do with overall strategy of organisation.

Strategy is simple sells what you can sell, produce what you can produce, service what you can service and somehow reach target… collect bonus( if paid less then blame HR, if paid more then you take credit)…and start ” new journey” with another organisation.

If complain against HR is they don’t understand business, then few days of training program on finance and production is enough to understand business. After all, a MBA from decent institute is smart enough to understand business.




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