Be Mindful

While undergoing leadership program, our trainer used to ask us to notice subtle changes that were taking place in group. After every exercise he used to ask us to reflect on how we performed, what nonverbal exchanges were taking place in group, the body language of others etc.

At that time I did not find this important, but post training I reflected on it and realised importance of noticing subtle changes. It makes you mindful about what is happening within group, within organisation, between different units, within your function etc. Things you normally miss in day to day routine. Routine makes us unmindful and blind to such subtle changes.

Trainer used variety of tools like case studies, skits, psychometric tests, feedback from others on our performance etc. to make us mindful.

I find few tools quite useful, esp. the theories of Carl Jung , William Marston and David McClelland, 360 degree feedback and use of tools like Malcolm Baldridge Model (which gives you holistic knowledge of business).

Organisational change is  all about synchronisation of hardware (systems in your organisation) with software (values and motivation) to bring about desired change.


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