The Dance of Fireflies

Arun Maria , who is currently member of planning commission and who has earlier worked with Boston Consulting Group and TATAs, visualised four scenarios on which path Indian economy will take. To make these 4 scenarios interesting he used animals found in India- Buffalo, Tiger, Wolves, Peacock, Sparrows (on verge of becoming an endangered species) and finally Fireflies.

First scenario is –Wallowing Buffalos, while children are waiting- The leaders of this organisation are like buffalos in mud- relaxed and in no mood to get out of mud. If one of them makes attempt to move out of mud, either presence of others make her difficult to move or any such attempt is resisted by others, so she just give up and status quo is restored. This indecision plays havoc with career of employees, they are waiting for growth to happen, but lack of decision making is taking organisation nowhere.

Second scenario is inspiration from Bollywood- Glamour and Violence.

First part is the glamour- Peacocks strut while small birds are scrambling. The top management like peacocks, keep strutting- taking best of salaries, benefits, while ordinary employees like small birds wait for peacock to leave once they have fed themselves, and then scramble amongst themselves on what is left by peacocks.

Second part is violence- Growling tigers and prowling wolves. Here leaders terrorise the employees to keep control over them. Anyone who disagrees or protests is instantly sacked.

Third scenario is- Dance of fireflies- In organisation there are lot of individuals who on their own  are working on some improvement projects- process improvement, innovations etc. The collective efforts of such individuals take organisation to next level.

You will find one or combination above scenarios in all the organisations. Idea is to move from wallowing buffalos/strutting peacocks/growling tigers to dance of fireflies.


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