Curt Coffman’s views on Employee Engagement

Attended speech of Curt Coffman on Employee Engagement. It was arranged by Tata Management Training Centre. I had attended his one day seminar in 2009. Research of Curt and Marcus have changed my outlook, earlier I was focused on how to overcome my weakness, paying little attention to my strengths.

With popularity of positive psychology, focus has shifted to what is left within you i.e your strengths.

He started with interesting example. When Steve Jobs launched ipod and unveiled it for first time in front of all the employee, the first question in everyone’s mind was –“Where is mine?”- I want it!

Steve then asked everyone to look below their chair and there was ipod below each chair.

That is engagement- everyone was eager to know where is mine.

He talked on some more points.

  1. Two important questions every employee should ask are
    1. How do I get more customers
    2. How do I retain more customers

They need to have clear line of sight to how their tasks result in organisation getting more customers and retaining more customers.

2.While calculating employee engagement score don’t go for average score, divide score in four categories those below 25th percentile, those between 25th to 50th percentile, those between 50th and 75th percentile and those above 75th percentile. Design different initiatives for each category. Their needs are different. One size fits all will not work here. If scores of these 4 categories are plotted it forms a reverse bell curve.

3.Your boss should be interested in your growth, not just interesting. An interesting boss will only be serving his purpose, while interested boss will be in giving mode.



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