What we stand for…

Vivify-viv·i·fy –  Vivify-viv·i·fy
To give or bring life to,enliven

Organisational Change- Is a planned effort to syncronize hardware ( strategy, structure, systems) and software ( motivation, value system, organisational climate) to take organisation to desired state.

Catalyst- A person or thing that precipitates an event or change

At some stage or other energy level of individual or organisation goes down, mindfulness is lost and things move to auto pilot. “Don’t disturb the apple cart” mentality sets in and status quo is seen as desirable.

But to move individual or organisation to new orbit, the status quo has to be questioned, Organisational change initiatives are like rains than vivify barren hills.

Organisational change should take place at two levels

Hardware side- Strategy, Vision and Mission, Core competencies, organisational restructuring, Systems improvement etc.

Software side- Organisational culture, mindset of individuals, Values etc.

They sycronization of two is what makes change a success and takes it to desired level.

In all this the change agent has to be a catalyst, he should initiate the process, enable the individuals to take charge of their or organisation’s fate and then withdraw himself from the process.


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